Graham Sutherland (British 1903 - 1980)

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Armadillo, colour lithograph
  • c.1960s

Graham Sutherland (British 1903-1980), Armadillo, (Man 81; Tassi 89), dated 1968, colour lithograph from the series 'Bestiary', signed and numbered 62 of the edition of 70.

Graham Sutherland studied engraving at Goldsmiths College from 1921-1926. In the mid-1930s he took up oil painting focusing on the inherent strangeness of natural forms and abstracting them in a surrealist manner. He was appointed an official war artist in 1940, and his post-war paintings contain the symbolic images of the cruelty of war. From the mid-1950s he spent much time in France increasingly establishing a reputation as a portrait and landscape painter.

Graham Sutherland's Bestiary lithographs are amongst his best known works; in this screenprint we see the strangest view of the fascinating armadillo, highlighting its amazing physical dexterity by being able to roll its armour-plated body into a ball when threatened by a predator.


Sheet size: Height: 65.7cm Width: 49.5cm
Framed size: Height: 97cm Width: 80cm


Graham Sutherland (British 1903 - 1980) Graham Sutherland (British 1903 - 1980) Graham Sutherland (British 1903 - 1980) Graham Sutherland (British 1903 - 1980)
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