June Redfern (b.1952, St. Andrews, Fife)

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Cowboys, watercolour and Indian ink
  • c.1990s

Cowboys (1990), watercolour and Indian Ink. 

June Redfern is Scottish expressionist landscape artist.  She uses bold, saturated blocks of colour, sometimes banding the colours on top of one another, the whole producing an undulating swathe of shadow, landscape, heat and light.  In this sumptuous watercolour, cowboys on their swaying horses are outlined in Indian ink, picking their way through the heat of day in a Utah-like mountain landscape: the saturated deep blue and purple of the landscape in shadow, the green of the mountain disappearing in a heat haze of reds and faded purple and then yellow sunlight.

June Redfern has had a number of solo exhibitions including at: the National Gallery, London, the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, and the Boundary Gallery, London.  In 1985, she was artist in residence at the National Gallery, London.


Framed size: Height: 67cm; Width: 85cm

June Redfern (b.1952, St. Andrews, Fife) June Redfern (b.1952, St. Andrews, Fife) June Redfern (b.1952, St. Andrews, Fife)
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