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Longwy earthenware vases

Item Code: FO159
Pottery: Longwy
  • French
  • c.1910s

A stunning pair of Longwy earthenware vases, decorated in the Art Nouveau taste with naturalistic birds, reeds and flowers beneath a thick translucent turquoise coloured  glaze (impressed Longwy marks to base) 

Longwy, established in 1798 by the Huart family, is one of the most important potteries in European ceramic history.  In the mid and late 19th century the factory concentrated on the production of faience (glazed earthenwares). These new wares were Persian in taste and closely resembled the cloisonné wares being imported from the Orient, as such Longwy pottery is an integral part of the aesthetic movement.  In the early twentieth century, Longwy continued to produce wares with organic forms decorated with birds and foliage in keeping with Art Nouveau taste of which, these vases are a good example.  


Height: 32.5cm
Diameter at rim: 6cm
Diameter at Maximum Width: 20cm

Longwy earthenware vases Longwy earthenware vases Longwy earthenware vases Longwy earthenware vases
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