Lynn Chadwick (British 1914 - 2003)

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Reclining Figures, lithograph
  • c.1970s

Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003)

Reclining Figures lithograph, 1971, on BFK Rives, signed and dated.

Lynn Chadwick worked for several London architect's practices between 1933 and 1939 focusing on techniques of draughtsmanship and watercolour as well as oil painting.  After the war, he began experimenting making mobiles, some of which are reminiscent of Alexander Calder's work. His collaboration with the architect Rodney Thomas proved a formative influence and from 1951 he received commissions for sculpture. He had a solo show at Gimpel Fils Gallery, London in 1950.  His sculptures resemble abstract elongated beings of human and animal form.  He achieved instant recognition in the 1950s when his objects were awarded numerous prizes (Venice 1956, Padua 1959, Lugano 1960) and were shown at exhibitions of international stature (1952 and 1956 Venice Biennales). While continuing to do standing figures, he turned increasingly often to recumbent or seated pairs of figures. By the time Lynn Chadwick died in Stroud, Gloucestershire on 25 April 2003, he was one of the best-known sculptors of the post-war era in Britain.


Framed size: Height: 91.5cm Width: 70cm


Lynn Chadwick (British 1914 - 2003) Lynn Chadwick (British 1914 - 2003) Lynn Chadwick (British 1914 - 2003)
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