— June 12, 2013

Art Off The Wall


 When Art is Fashion and Fashion is Art

 When a new angle on Prints gives the new ‘little black and white dress’

Presenting a selection of my eclectic and colourful collection of fine art Prints 



My thanks to Mark Colliton Photography for bringing this off the wall concept to life.

Your views?

Posted by Mark on
Thanks again for asking me to work with you on images for your very impressive collection of prints & picture's. Thrilled to now see the fruits of our labour !
Posted by Johanna Pinder-Wilson on
Fabulous to enjoy that creative collaboration again – many thanks Mark.
Posted by Johanna Pinder-Wilson on
And ….. Yes, it is me (a few people have asked). …… all wrapped up with a blush of Cindy Sherman.

There are lots of different influences behind it. A nod to: film noire of the 1950s; kinetic art of the 1960s/70s and the fashion photographs of John French; Hilde Smith’s textiles for Bodymap of the 1980s. It’s all about looking at Art, at the Arts, at the blur between and influence of art on fashion and film. Quite simply, taking art off the walls and looking at it.
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