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— 25 Nov 2016

Metamorphosis: The Commonwealth Institute into The Design Museum

Stolen glimpses of the wonder that is the hyperbolic paraboloid

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— 14 Sep 2016

A Celebration of Wifredo Lam

A creative fusion of cultures

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— 17 Apr 2015

Wearing my Heart on my Record Sleeve

Looking at it now, my 'vinyl' is a collection .... Put your record sleeves on th…

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— 24 Dec 2014

Seasonal Cheers !

A huge gulp of nostalgia .......,

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— 7 Aug 2014

Summer: Colour Saturation

through the vibrant and intense hues of the colour abstract prints of Anthony Be…

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— 21 Mar 2014

Space and Light

Space, Satellites, Light - extraordinary sculptural lights

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— 24 Jan 2014

Monochrome Mania

The dramatic, highly stylish effect from the use of monochrome items on mass

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— 5 Dec 2013

Inhaling the Vapours of 1950s and 1960s Design and Style

Who hasn’t been cooing and ahhhing at the pastel period sets on the TV period dr…

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— 26 Oct 2013

Autumn Changes

The days are shorter, the lights inside are on for longer

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— 16 Aug 2013

La Movida Madrileña flows to Cádiz, Spain

Exhibition ‘Costus: En Valle de Los Caidos’ at ECCO

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— 12 Jun 2013

Art Off The Wall

Presenting a selection of my eclectic and colourful collection of fine art Print…

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— 8 May 2013

Podcast Interview with Johanna Pinder-Wilson

Recent Podcast interview of Johanna Pinder-Wilson, Owner at "Johanna Pinder-Wils…

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— 22 Mar 2013

Spring should have sprung

‘Rock on Top of Another Rock’ - a monumental sculpture that makes you ponder.

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— 6 Feb 2013

Inspired by Man Ray

Object and Portrait Photography Inspired by Man Ray and Cecil Beaton

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— 30 Jan 2013

Horses, Horses, Horses .........

the power of the imagery of the horse in art

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— 7 Dec 2012

Twelve Vintage Gifts for Christmas

Unlike a Christmas jumper, a vintage gift is for life, not just for Christmas !

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— 13 Jul 2012

Henry Moore: Late Large Forms Exhibition

All things Red, White and blue and 60 years since Lynn Chadwick at 1952 Venice B…

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— 2 May 2012

Flex a little cerebral muscle at the the Mondrian || Nicholson: In Parallel exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery

If you find harmony in Mondrian you might enjoy the geometric abstraction of Fra…

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— 28 Feb 2012

Launch of Johanna Pinder-Wilson’s new website of exciting range of 20th Century Antiques

The beauty of a virtual presence on the internet is that a business may be acces…

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— 14 Feb 2012

Postmodernism: Hurry to see this exhibition!

If like me you have sometimes been baffled by what was going in art, design and …

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